Online Beginner Pilates

Body Dynamics Illawarra’s Beginner Pilates is an ideal program for people who have not participated in Pilates before, have an injury or for someone who would like to refresh on the basics. You’ll be introduced to the core concepts of Pilates with the view of progressing to a full class with the confidence and understanding of the common exercises performed in a Pilates class. You will walk away from the 8-week program having experienced a range of movements and having the confidence on how to manage and modify movement to meet your needs, whether performing the activities at home or in a group situation.



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Moderate / Advanced Pilates

The moderate/ advanced Pilates class utilises traditional Pilates (core stabilisation) movements whilst also focusing on your movement control through the pelvis, hips and shoulders. Common postural weaknesses are address through a range of movements to assist in achieving a whole-body activity program. At Body Dynamics, we use our Exercise Physiology background to target the class on the participants rather than just going through ‘the motions’.

If you are new to Pilates, we recommend starting with our Beginner Pilates course. If you’re unsure, give us a call and we can guide you to the right class.

New clients/participants will require an initial consultation with one of our Exercise Physiologists to determine suitability to the class and ensure that our instructors can provide modifications to reduce clients risk.


WHEN: 9am Tuesdays

WHERE: Coledale Community Centre

HOW TO JOIN: Contact Us!

(female only)


WHEN: 9am Thursday

WHERE: Bulli PCYC Hall

HOW TO JOIN: Contact Us!


All new participants will need to fill in a Pre-Exercise Questionnaire prior to participation. In some cases we may require medical clearance or a consultation with one of our Exercise Physiologists before joining the class to ensure the class is the best fit for you and safe for your condition.