Body Dynamics Illawarra has a range of classes including:

Floor based movement class – 60 mins of floor based exercises using a range of core, pelvic and scapular stability activities. These coordinated movements will assist in supporting spinal and joint mobility and strength, for a full body workout.

Movers & Shakers – 45 mins – A range of classes to benefit anyone and suitable for people with neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease.

Strong BoDI’s – 45 min body weight circuit-based class with a strong focus on improving people rotary control, coordination and over body strength.

Fit and Fab – 45 mins of balance, agility, and strengthening exercises in a circuit format specifically for anyone over 50.

Boxing – 30 mins fitness-based sessions working through shadow boxing, footwork, combinations, all perfect for beginner or more experienced.

Some classes are available on zoom, with all being face-to-face either in the clinic or off-site.


1 class = $25

2 classes per week = $40

Unlimited classes = $55 per week

10 visit pass = $220

20 visit pass = $400


Private Health Insurance Rebate

Exercise Physiology Group classes do generally attract a rebate from Private Health Insurers. It is your responsibility to contact your insurer to enquire to the level of cover. If a receipt is required for health insurances, please email and one will be forwarded to you.


Please Note

All new participants will be required to have an initial consultations prior to commencing a class. This assists us to identify any health concerns that we may need attention prior to attending a class or allow us to adapt activities to ensure your safety.


Cancellation and Non-Attendance

Body Dynamics Illawarra appreciates 24 hours notice for a cancellation of any service. If you are unable to attend the class that you had booked, then you will be able to make up the class with another class from that week. If that does not work for you please contact to discuss options.

If you do not attend the class without cancelling the booking and rescheduling, prior to the end of the week, you will need to contact to discuss options.


Booking a class

Contact Body Dynamics Illawarra on 42836659 or contact us through the ‘contact’ page to make an enquiry.