Parkinson’s Disease Group

Movers & Shakers is Body Dynamics 10 week exercise and education program for individuals diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Our Movers & Shakers group is designed to target the individuals needs through an individual exercise program run concurrently with a weekly group class that addresses the general needs of the Parkinson’s population. The program is designed to be a collaborative approach to health, with education and open discussions from our Exercise Physiologist and Dietitian during the group sessions on a range of topics that impact the Parkinson’s population. The goal of the program is to target all aspects of your health and exercise rehabilitation needs, not just those relating to Parkinson’s.

The Program Layout – Prior to the first group session an initial consultation is completed including a gentle physical assessment to assist us in designing your home program. The consultation can take up to 1.5 hours

  • Weeks 1 through to 10: Group session once a week
  • Weeks 2, 3, 7 & 10: One-on-one consultations for individual program implementation, review and retesting (flexible appointment times)

Program Cost – The program is designed to utilise the Medicare Chronic Disease Management Plan, referred to Body Dynamics Illawarra through your GP. You can alternatively pay privately and claim through a Private Health Insurer where applicable.

  • Initial Individual Consultation $100 (Medicare rebate applies)
  • 60 min group session $180 for 10 visits (no rebate available)
  • One-on-One consultations $55 or bulk billed (where there is a Medicare referral).

Carers – Carers can participate in the Group sessions at no cost. If a carer wishes to complete an individual program we can accommodate double bookings when we have two staff members in the facility. The cost for the individual sessions will also be discounted to our group rate of $55 or bulk billed.

Please do not hesitate to contact Body Dynamics  to discuss the class for more information.

Current Course Dates and Time

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